How hungry am I? Well, I just had a cup of coffee, and then I ate the styrofoam cup. That didn’t help.

I’ve only had breakfast today. It was a good, big Scandinavian hotel breakfast, sure, with scrambled eggs, German wurst, two sandwiches, a croissant, and a cappuccino, but it was eight hours ago.

The reason why I haven’t eaten anything all day is that I’ve been working as a reporter, covering a visiting NHL team in Helsinki: watching their practices, and waiting for the players to come out of their dressing room to face people like me. And right now, I’ve been standing in the corridor outside their room for 50 minutes.

And I'm spent.

The first 15 minutes were fine, people were talking, and joking, during the next 15 minutes the group got scattered around in the corridor, and the last 20 minutes I just leaned against the wall and did some serious doodling.

These are the things I doodle when I have nothing to do.

* A cup of coffee. Always in a nice cup, always with a plate, and always steaming hot.

* A cube. Always empty, often transparent.

* A stop sign. Can be other messages, too, but the sign is always made of wood, and it sits on a grassy knoll.

* A pencil.

* A crown. With diamonds.

* A stylized RP “logo” that a classmate designed for me when I was 14. I think I made a belt buckle with that logo on it.

* Lots of eights. Nothing special with the number – although it was my first number in hockey – it’s just a penciling exercise.

* The moon, and clouds over it. Gets your mind wandering, doesn’t it?

* My autograph. Or, the latest version of it. Pretty happy with this one, have had it since the late 1990s.

* A stickman. Jumping out of joy. Fairly muscular.

* A car, driving at night, with lights on. Driver is usually smiling, but you can’t see it in the picture. There’s always smoke coming out of the muffler, but I like to think it’s environmentally friendly these days. Probably a hybrid car, and that’s just steam.

* And to cap it all off: a graphic decoration around the entire page.

After that, there is nothing left in my brain.

One thought on “Doodling

  1. Suggestions:
    • Work on new signature. Yours is so late 1990s.
    • Word art, maybe something with shadows?
    • Graphic pattern, chess squares or triangles
    • Flower decoration around the page.

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