Easter is my least favorite holiday. Although, I remember this one time when my parents and I did this funny thing where you take the, um, go to the, uh, when you watch a lot of movies and try to, kind of, and you… In fact, the only fun memory I have of Easter are the funny pictures my father used to paint on the eggs on Easter Sunday. Other than that, Easter is just one big gray bore to me.

Compared to Xmas, Easter has nothing. The food’s worse, there are no presents, the weather’s bad, and it at least used to be a really long holiday with all the stores closed, and absolutely nobody around. Easter was a solitary holiday for me and the Good Friday, well, just an OK Friday at best.

Hopefully, this year, we can make Easter a Feaster, and paint a lot of funny eggs.

What's up, Doc?

One thought on “Easter

  1. Easter is a perfect holiday! It’s short, but several days off work and no stress weeks in advance like Christmas time. It’s almost midnight and I’m still waiting for the kids to come by and ask for candy…we only got one today. What do I have to do – buy a house?

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