Get a move on

Moving is huge. Moving in with another person even huger. Helping out with that moving in is not as huge, but can be pretty interesting, especially if you only really know half of the couple now moving in together and if you’ve never seen the other person’s apartment before.

Photo by Hannes E. Arhammar Pakarinen

But moving, while being a nice metaphor for a lot of things, is also hard work. The person moving always feels a little more pressure than the people helping out, which is why you always see a scene where the true friends – true because they’re there – stand around somewhere, chatting, while the person they’re helping walks up and down the stairs, looking slightly stressed.

He just wants it to be over and done with.

Things go smoothly, the apartment gets emptied, the truck gets filled with stuff, and the crew can almost feel the smell of the moving pizza they’re going to get pretty soon.

Except, that they all know that there’s still that business with the Beast.

A bed, a sofa, a bed sofa, a bookshelf, art, statues, or like today, a light table.

Whatever it is, it’s heavy and it’s a little too big. Nobody remembers or knows how it originally got into the apartment, but everybody agrees that it seems impossible to get a table that’s 80 centimeters wide through a door that’s 70 centimeters wide.

And that’s even the lesser of the problems. First, that thing has to go down a flight of stairs, and up a flight of stairs, and you’re back there, carrying it with your fingernails, basically.

But somehow, then, in the end, the light table (sofa, book shelf, bed) is inside the new apartment, with almost none of the other furniture damaged, and once again, teamwork has prevailed.

A positive person surely must appreciate the fact that s/he gets to experience brand new things every day. It’s practically impossible to go through a day and not learn anything. It doesn’t always feel that way, ploughing through the darkness up here in Scandinavia, but an upbeat person can do it.

Like Wife who, when we were driving back home, talking about the move and how easy it had been – how fast we forget – noted that we even got in the light table: “Besides, there’s a light table in every move”.

So true. As true as another one of her pearls of wisdom: “Even five ones makes a yahtzee”.

Can’t argue with that, either.

Not that I would want to. I don’t want to move.

2 thoughts on “Get a move on

  1. Everything will go through a 70 cm opening, you just have to take the necessary precautions first. Turn it over and over again, unscrew the furniture’s feet or…smash it in anger. Then it will slide through, and we can all eat pizza.

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