Grease is the word

My cousins are wizards with cars, just like their father, my uncle, who shares the name with a famous Finnish rally driver. When I was out shooting pucks and throwing a ball, my cousins were in the garage, fixing their mopeds and helping their dad.

So I was surprised when the younger one of them told me, years ago, that he was going to be a chef.

And he did. He went through the school, got a job, and was good at it. And popular, but that’s got nothing to do with anything.

However, the joke between us cousins was that he should start a drive-thru restaurant where you could get your pizza baked and oils changed – by the same guy, while waiting and eating.

Maybe he could have called the restaurant “The Garage”. Or, “The Le Garagé”.

Just thought of him because I’m off to the grocery store/post office now.

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