Mar 19, '13 : Woulda coulda shoulda

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Another March day. The sun is shining, after some light snowfall. The snow in spring is so light it looks fake.

ďItís like the snow in the movies,Ē said Wife when she took off with Son and Daughter this morning.

I waved to them from the front door, until I saw Sonís red hat disappear behind the garage. I closed the door, packed my bag and went to the gym because while you can make a change any given day, sometimes you have to keep doing the same thing over and over again to really make a change.

A Paksy original.

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Aug 09, '12 : Man's best friend

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It got quiet in the back yard. Suddenly. Almost too quiet, and a little too suddenly so I decided to have a look. As I got around the house, I saw Daughter standing very, very still right at the edge of our lawn, looking out to the other side of the fence our neighbors had set up a couple of months earlier.

She didnít move one, but she looked happy. And I knew why.

I stopped, too. I didnít want to spoil her moment.

Non-fiction photo.

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