International man of mystery

In the Wikipedia entry for Robin Williams, it says, “Robin McLaurim Williams (born July 21, 1951 or 1952).” I find that fascinating. How does that work? Does anybody know his year of birth? Does he know?

Today, I also listened to WNYC’s Soundcheck podcast about stage names. How did Gordon Sumner become Sting? David Jones David Bowie? Apparently, even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a stage name.

I guess it’s all about the image. It’s like that episode of Seinfeld where George is trying to make his colleague to call him “T-bone.” Doesn’t stick because he’s no T-bone even though he’d would give anything to be one.

Risto Pakarinen. Hmmm… Maybe it’s time to pick a new one.

T-bone? Or maybe just a variation of Risto, like on the ticket stub with Heart’s Nancy Wilson’s autograph: “Reestow, lots of love, Nancy Wilson”. Or, Kris Top. You know, with a little “risto” in the middle.

And let’s just say that Kris Top was born on April 1, 1978.

Whoah, it’s his birthday soon! Mine, I mean.

2 thoughts on “International man of mystery

  1. I guess Robin Williams wants to keep a little mystery around his person… is he 57 or 56? Nobody knows!
    (Oh, and Mr Top sounds like a man who would throw a huge party on his 30th birthday. Did you take that in account?)

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