Of all the holidays in all the towns in all the world, Easter is my least favorite one.

It’s not a bad holiday, I have nothing against it, I just don’t have a relationship with it. Our family wasn’t big on eating lamb, I’ve never been out begging for candy dressed as a witch, and … that’s all I know about Easter traditions.

I have no special Easter memories, no Easter trip stories, no crazy relatives that always turned up at Easter. Besides, since Easter always closed all the stores and restaurants in Finland when I was a kid, the only fun thing it ever brought was mämmi, and while the 16th century traditional Finnish dessert was and is a treat, it wasn’t, and isn’t, enough.

However, today we returned the Santa Claus kit – the beard, the boots, the overcoat – to Wife’s parents, the Keepers of the Mask – a nice connection between the two big, religious holidays.

But the kids love it.

2 thoughts on “Leaster

  1. I love Easter; the abnormous amount of candy during five days, the painting of the eggs and kids’ faces, decorations that you don’t have to keep too long…
    If you don’t like your Easter traditions – please have some of mine!
    Oh, and I love eggs.

  2. I read yesterday that Easter is "the holiest holiday" on the Christian calendar. I wonder who publishes the Holiness Ranking. And I wonder if it’s available as an iPad app.

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