List of the year

So this is Xmas, and what have you done?

Last year, I published a Best of the Millennium list here, delighted to see that I had 40 entries on the list. This year, I only have nine, but that’s fine, considering I made it a Top 9 list.

I’ll post a link to an archived blog entry every day between today and Christmas Eve. (That’s why it’s a Top 9 list). Consider it your R-advent calendar. Hope you like it. Tell your friends.

And without further ado … Nummmbbeeerrrr niiiiiiiiiiine:


February 2, 2010: » Please sign
Well, I do have two Wayne Gretzky action figures, one with an Oiler Wayne hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head, and another, an LA King Gretzky.
Wife calls them dolls.
If there ever was an autograph I wanted, it was Gretzky’s.

How does that make you feel?