Pink Panther

Inspired by the previous post, I bought a newspaper yesterday, and walked into the Coffeehouse By George at Odenplan, got myself a cappuccino, and sat down to read the paper.

I highly recommend it.

Seriously, leave your laptop at home, grab a newspaper under your arm and go to your local coffee shop, and read the paper. You’ll feel good about it, and about yourself. It’s like meditation. Or, I guess it’s like meditation, I’ve never meditated despite serious hinting by a former boss who thought I was a little too energetic.

The same guy also wondered out loud why I wasn’t wearing a tie one day at work, and instead had a turtleneck and a jacket. “Wondered” may be a stretch, though. We met at the copy machine, he looked up and said, “What’s this? You look like a rabbi!”

He was a real joker. One time, he was talking to the young female assistant about something when he found two yellow pencils next to the printer. He held them against his forehead, wiggled them a bit and said in his heavy French Canadian accent, “Luuk at me, I’m ‘orny.”

Inspector Clouseau couldn’t have said it better.

Then he realized what he had said, turned around, grabbed the printouts and ran to his office where he stayed the rest of the day.

And probably read the newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Pink Panther

  1. I guess he was just embarrassed, and being a government official from North America, probably thought he’d get sued. He wasn’t, he was simply ridiculed. :)

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