Run, baby, run

Why do people often run as fast as they can all the way to the street, then look around, and finally walk across it, slowly? Why not just keep running?

If they’re afraid of getting hit by a car, walking slowly is not going to help.

Is this one of the predictably irrational decisions we make? (And when I say “we”, I mean “they.” I run, baby.)

Take it easy

4 thoughts on “Run, baby, run

  1. Because every mother and father yells "don’t run over the street!" I did it yesterday on our way to dagis, and I will do it next time, and next time. Until they stop running at the curb all by themselves. Then my work is done.

  2. The corollary: why do people stand still on escalators?

    I saw a great cartoon a few years ago, probably in The New Yorker: guy arrives at a meeting, says, "Sorry I’m late. The escalator broke down."

    In Hong Kong it could happen.

  3. The steps in an escalator are not a good size for walking, they’re too high, making it a training session. It’s like those irritating stairs in old buildings, that are a little too small to take in one step (make you feel silly,) but a little too wide to take two at a time.

    I prefer normal stairs. Straight ones.

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