Scanorama: On the road

Been traveling with SAS lately? If not, then you probably missed my column about working on the road.

The glory of working on the road is highly exaggarated, though.

... but the road hit back.

You’re on the road. And when I say ‘you,’ I do mean you. I’m venturing to guess that you’re reading this on a plane, traveling from one place to another.

So, youre on the road, but somehow – if you’re anything like me – you’re also at home. Or, at least your home office.

The glory of working on the road is highly exaggarated, though. The image of working from the beach is as true as the shaving cream and razor commercials, you know the ones where the square-jawed man shaves half of his face with just one pull of the razor. (Sure, my jaw is more round than square, but I doubt that even the square-jawed guys can do it).

This is the way I leave the house to go on on a short, one night, trip:

One, I rip a few good movies (DVDs that i have bought earlier, that is) onto the hard drive so that I won’t have to carry any execess package.

Two, pack the computer, get the recharging cord, and mouse, leave wireless keyboard.

Three, throw in a shirt and underwear.

Four, make sure I have my passport and plane tickets (which these days means a booking number and a photo ID).

And then I’m out the door.

Then I’m back in again.

Forgot the cell phone recharger. And the other mobile phone. I throw them in the bag, take a look around the office one more time, and then go again. At the front door, I realize I’m probably going to need my iPod. Not only that, I also need to update the podcasts so that I have something to listen to while at the meetings. Just kidding, I meant, when I’m traveling.

Up comes the computer and the podcasts get refreshed. Then I need to synchronize my iTunes with the iPod. Ten minutes later, the computer is back in the bag, the iPod in my pocket and I’m good to go. Oh, the iPod cord is probably good to have with me. Maybe a book, too. And the earphones.

And so it goes. My pockets and bag filled with electronics I hit the road so that when I get to where I’m going, it’s as if I never left.

How does that make you feel?