Ten points to Hufflepuff

Tonight, I went to the gym wearing my brand new Paris Saint-Germain football team’s hat. Well, its not technically just mine, but Daughter’s and mine. We bought that one, and a Gryffindor hat from the Warner Brothers studios’ Harry Potter Tour in London last week, and the deal is that we’re co-owners of those hats. We both can wear those hats.

As I walked up the stairs to the gym, I saw a dude say something to me. I didn’t hear him, because I was listening to a hockey podcast, but when I saw that he said something to me again, I took the earphones out of my ears and said – as politely as I could – “What?”


“Yeah, the game starts soon,” he said.


“The game. It starts. Soon.”

I had no idea what he was talking about and it must have showed, because the dude pointed to my hat and said, “PSG”.

The Paris team is popular in Sweden now because the nation’s biggest football star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, plays there. The guys at the reception desk at the gym also seems to like it, because a couple of days earlier, as I was leaving the gym, he yelled “Paris” to me, and gave me the thumbs up.

“Oh, oh, yeah, PSG, right,” I said to the dude, still not really knowing what he was talking about, but at least I knew he was being nice, and talking about football, and my hat. (And Zlatan).

I smiled and walked by him, and then turned around, because I felt I owed him an explanation.

“I completely forgot that I was wearing a PSG hat. You know, I have a Gryffindor hat, too, and for a second I thought you were talking about Quidditch.”

He looked at me, and smiled politely.

How does that make you feel?