Who are you gonna call?

Today, I watched Ghostbusters 2.

I loved the original Ghostbusters movie when it came out. I loved the title song, and I thought Bill Murray was the funniest and coolest guy in the world.

Buster becomes the bust.

I’m not much of a drawing man, but I did learn to draw two things in high school: A smurf, and the Ghostbuster logo. Practically every day at school, at some point, I’d sneak into the classroom early, and when my classmates came to class later, they saw a big Ghostbuster logo on the blackboard. (That’s right, kids, blackboard. We used chalk.)

The Ghostbusters game for ZX Spectrum 128 is one of two computer games I have ever finished, without any cheats. The other one is The Hobbit, also for the ZX Spectrum.

So, today, when I was home alone, feeling a little sick, a little feverish, I wanted a movie that would be funny, but not too complicated for my poor brain, already working overtime just to keep my eyes focused. Simply put, I wanted to watch something that would make me feel better, like the orange soda, the bananas, and the Donald Duck comics that Mom and Dad left me with when I was sick as a kid.

Next time, I’m going back to Donald and the bananas.

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