Seems to me that life is a chain of small races, competitions. I’m sure there are people out there who don’t care about competing that much, and who are happy just to participate, but I’m not one of them.

Try it.

There are surely people out there who

  • Don’t walk faster just to beat somebody else to the ATM.
  • Don’t go to the gym and ride the exercise bike for 56 minutes just because a friend happened to mention earlier the same day that he’d been at the gym and ridden an exercise bike for 55 minutes.
  • Don’t sit in the sauna after the gym and have as a rule of thumb to only go out when the others, who’re alredy in there, have left
  • Don’t switch the weights to 15-20 kilos heavier when he leaves the exercise machine
  • Don’t think that they real estate agent is better than the neighbours’
  • Don’t race a bus on a bike. To the next lamp post. Or at least close to it. To the invisible finish line.
  • Don’t eat another hotdog at a hockey game just as a joke.
  • Don’t postpone watching Lost or Prison Break — just to be the last one to see it.
  • Don’t rush to the premier of the latest James Bond to be the first one to see it.
  • Don’t want to be the fastest customer out the grocery store.
  • Don’t try sink a three-pointer jump shot with a candy wrapper.
  • Don’t want to be the fastest person through airport’s security control.
  • Don’t want to make it to the end of the stairs by the time the front door slams shut.
  • Don’t always wanna catch a person riding a bike 200 meters in front of them.
  • Don’t want to be the first one to get on a bus.
  • Don’t want to be the last one to get out of a bus.
  • Don’t want to get the best parking spot on the lot.
  • Don’t read a list in a magazine and think he can write one, too.

But I’m not like that at all. In fact, I am the opposite.

Of course, winning really is the only thing. Now, since I’m the only on who knows what the competition is about, I can change the rules easily. The best parking lot? It may not be the closest one. You thought I was trying to get to the ATM first? No, no, it was all about who makes the biggest/smallest withdrawal.

Is that childish? Oh yeah. Does it make me feel good? Sure.

It is good to be the king.

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