Iím sorry, but there will be no Top 10 New Yearís countdown this year because Mr. Pakarinen says heís been too busy to write up a list, let alone go through the archives. Frankly, I think the reason thereís no Top 10 list is that he just couldnít find ten good stories.

Sure, there was this. And this was OK, but you know what I mean?

So, rather than have you go through some old crap, heís going to hide under the covers and say heís been ďbusyĒ. With what, you ask, and I donít have an answer.

Anyway. Heís also told all us interns that we can take a long break over the holidays, which tells me there wonít be major updates here, if any. Thereíd better not be if he first tells us that we can take some time off. Like, suppose he, against all odds, should get a half-baked idea for a story, am I then expected to come in and type the story and post it for him? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Unless thereís a bonus in it for me. I mean, I do things for money. Donít you?

Merry Christmas to you all.

Ė Webmaster

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