I’m a be-leaver

The suitcase is wide open on the living room floor, pretty much packed. I’ve got my essentials, my T-shirts, jeans, underwear, suit, shirts, shoes, and books to take me through the hockey world championship extravaganza in Switzerland.

How many pairs of jeans would I wear at home in the next three weeks? Probably 1.5. How many T-shirts? Probably just six different ones, but with a good rotation, and yes, washed in between uses. Why do I then pack 4 pairs of jeans and 15 T-shirts?

Because you never know, that’s why. Better safe than sorry.

I’ve read two books in the past three weeks, which – on a rotating weekly average – is a record for the 2008-09 season, but for the trip, I’ve packed three novels, magazines, and hockey stats books.

Because, let’s face it, covering 32 games in 17 days – with two off days which aren’t really off days because those stories won’t write themselves – is a walk in the park and I’ll mostly be just reading and changing clothes.

So, for the next 20 days, I’ll be blogging, twittering, and skyping from Berne, Switzerland about all that, hockey, and how to travel light right here, a little here, twittering here, and blogging some more on THN’s site.

But right now, I’m already looking forward to coming back home in 20 days. And I imagine walking through those huge doors at the Arlanda airport, and seeing Jessica and the kids waiting for me, she holding a fresh caffe latte in her hand, and the kids dancing and singing songs about the best dad in the world. (Me.)

2 thoughts on “I’m a be-leaver

  1. There is a possibility that you actually will read all those books and magazines. Don’t underestimate the amount of time spent on two roadrunners at home. Have fun and try not to think about us too much. I’m a roadrunner, too, honey.

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