10 easy steps to becoming an authority

Dear diary,

Today was the day. The D day. Da D Day. The day my plan finally came into fruition. Which one of them, you ask? The one in which I stand in the middle of the street in downtown Stockholm, and stop all traffic.IMG_8065

It took years to get this far, but it was worth it. In hindsight, I’m a little surprised how easy it turned out to be. Just ten simple steps.

1. Quit your job and start a new career in something completely different.
2. Move abroad.
3. Do lunch gym with a buddy and become sort of huge. Especially work on your arms.
4. Fall in love with a sweet Swedish lady and impress her with your arms.
5. Have kids with said sweet Swedish lady
6. Enroll kids in track and field when they’re about nine and 12.
7. When the track and field club makes all parents work as “volunteers” in two summer events, pick the Stockholm half marathon race.
8. Show up at the traffic control group’s meeting.
9. Walk to your position, put on a neon vest and a black hat with the word “CREW” on it and roll tape around some traffic cones across the street from where the gym is (See point 3).
10. Stand in the middle of the empty street and cheer the runners as they run into the tunnel.

Foolproof! And fun!

Good night, diary.


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