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When I first met Jessica, we emailed each other. But if you’re in love, you reeeally have to email each other. How much? A lot! (Life of Brian is also her favorite movie to the point that she can recite the entire movie, line for line, by heart. No joke.)

Well, we did. When we celebrated our first year together, she gave me two huge binders with every single email we had sent each other in the first six months of dating.

Because we happened to work in the same office, we also IMed a lot.

And we still do. We have a day long conversation in the background of all the things that we do at work.

This weekend, I sensed that we might be taking the electronic communication bit up a notch. And communication down, maybe.

When Jessica and Hannes came back from IKEA, she began to tell me a story, then stopped, and said: “I think I’ll blog about it instead.” Then she changed the subject.

What’s this? Saving stories? (She’s also a big Seinfeld fan).

It sure was a funny story, I laughed so hard when I read it later that day. Oh, and by the way, could you buy some of that good bread tomorrow on your way home? Thanks, dear.

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