Dad jokes dadsplained

About 53 percent of searches Americans make for jokes are for light or corny jokes — searches like “fun jokes,” “kids jokes” or “dad jokes.’”
New York Times, May 14, 2016

Hey kids,

Dad jokes are the best, don’tcha think? You know that nothing makes me laugh like dad jokes, because they’re always funny, because dads rock – oh yeah! – and because they’re mine.

But you already know dad jokes are the best, that’s why you spend so much time on Google, searching for dad jokes, and I can only assume that you do it to “snap” them to your buddies. But while Google is fine for basic research, it’s got its limitations so for true understanding of dad jokes you need to get it from dad. And here I am.

How do you come up with your dad jokes, you ask? How can dad always be so funny? What is a great dad joke? Glad you asked. Let me me dadsplain them to you.

dad2A dad joke is usually a short tale or a quip, a very smart (genius) pun or another kind of witticism, often made up on the spot, in the moment, at lightning speed – the way only dads know how.


Daughter: I want just the hamburger, no veggies, please.
Dad: You have to eat some veggies … give peas a chance.

Get it? Give peas a chance? Excellent.

[Note to Hilda. I didn’t use your name so that people wouldn’t think this happened for real]

What makes that one a dad joke of rank is that, like dad jokes always, it works on numerous levels.

First of all, it’s got the fatherly advice which is always the foundation of a dad joke because, let’s be real, father knows best. Am I right?

Second, it’s a great pun, a play with words, and the similar pronunciation of “peace” and “peas” makes the listener, “Daughter” (any daughter ;) stop for just a fraction of a second before she gets the joke, and by then, I, Dad, can slowly raise my hand for a high-five I so richly deserve.

And – AND – third, the joke digs deep into a rich cultural heritage that kids are normally oblivious about – in this case, 20th century pop music – a key component of a dad joke which introduces you to another teachable moment. A dad joke educates and entertains at the same time. It’s like Dad Poppins told Mary: “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

(Note to other Dads reading this: 80s pop is always a good call. Stuff like “Papa don’t reach” and anything by Weird Al).

dad5See, a good dad joke always requires dadsplaining, and you should embrace it because it adds yet another layer to the joke and keeps you and Dad engaged.

That’s called bonding.

And don’t worry if you don’t get the joke at first, you simply haven’t dug deep enough. A dad joke can never be too far-fetched, so if you don’t get it at first, just roll your eyes and dad will dadsplain the joke further.

Dad jokes aren’t only puns, though. Dads also master physical comedy and many, if not most dads, are excellent mimes. Prankster Dads are masters of timing, knowing just when to photobomb your photos, and when to accidentally text your baby photos to the cutest boy/girl in your class.

In conclusion, I’d like to raise one interesting point about dad jokes here: not all of them are equal. I know, for example, that for some reason, you think grandpa’s jokes are hilarious, but honestly, I don’t think he’s that funny at all, barely amusing. He’s always going on about Miles Davis and all that jazz. (See what I did there?)

OK, I have to go dadcook now (meatballs and pasta!).

If you have any further questions – ask Mom.



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