Door 17: Shopping

Believe or not, I love Xmas shopping. I mean, I may moan about the stress and I may get angry at other people in the stores, but I like to go out and buy stuff to others. Also, believe it or not, I’m great at it.

Because I like buying presents to others, I often seem to get pretty good presents, which obviously raises the bar for the next year, but with a little bit of luck, I seem to stumble on nice presents every year.

Except this year, but then again, I say that every year.

However, the first time I was out buying presents – which also must have meant that I didn’t really believe in Santa Claus anymore – I found something I liked so much I wanted to get it for myself.

Mom took me Xmas shopping, and I guess she also gave me a budget (money) to get something for her and Dad, and maybe a couple of cousins, and we took the train to downtown Helsinki and then a tram close to where Dad worked.

We weren’t there because Dad worked close by, we were there because there was a huge toy store and while I wasn’t going to hit Mom’s and Dad’s presents there, it was a good place to find something for my cousins.

And me.

Although, honestly, I didn’t think I was going to buy anything for myself, I wasn’t going to, that was never the plan … but who could resist buying that gorgeous plastic snow globe?

I couldn’t.

I tried, I picked it up and put it back and picked it up and put it back and I wasn’t going to buy but I did like it, I really liked it. A lot.

So I asked Mom if I could buy one, for myself.

And she said yes.

I had it for years, even decades, and then lost it, but the story of my buying it turned into a family legend.

Really? You ask.

And I say, “really”. The last time I heard Mom re-tell the story – to me – was today.

That was the perfect present, and it keeps on giving.

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