Open letter to my email pals

Dear potential business partners, marketers, and, yes, friends—

First off, thank you for your overwhelming attention. I’m not sure that I’m worthy of all that outpouring of love – because that’s what it is – but I do appreciate it. Getting dozens of emails every day is more than I probably deserve, but I welcome them, and would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of response from my side, and for the fact that I now do so in a blog post.

Having said all that, I must say that I’m starting to feel like you don’t know me, at all.

If this is it. Now, granted, some of that is on me for not speaking your language. I can hardly blame you for my not understanding your emails, right?

People tell me Polish is such a beautiful language and I know, Tomasz (and Zalando, and Techniki, and Biuro, Bezokularow, and the rest), I really should try to learn it. The little I did understand about your numerous emails made me just go “wow”. I mean, a “kamera” and “IP” in the same sentence does that to you.

You, Lamalla, calling me “darling” and everything. What I really liked about your message was how you in your first sentence told me you were a Girl, yes, with a capital G. (Lamalla’s not an obvious girl’s name where I come from). However, to answer your question: I already have a girl. I’ve got two girls.

Lunar Sleep must be the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard, but surely you know that I’ve never had any problems falling asleep. One time, I slept in a train car over an hour we had arrived to the last station. Sorry, Lunar. Or, Ms. Sleep. (Or mister).

Amira Kona: Happy new year to you, too. But, like I told Lamalla, I have all the girls I need.

Milan Strömberg and Harun Sjöberg, believe me when I say that your betting site doesn’t need me. I would be your worst customer because I never bet on sports, although I did once, in 1997, when I put down 20 Finnish markka on a Team Finland win over Switzerland in the World Juniors, and doubled my money. So, either you won’t get any money from me, or I’ll get all your money. Don’t tempt me now, and make me put you out of business.

Finally, to my corporate friends, my allies. To “BusinessPhoneSystems”, “401K Plan”,”C & A Online”, “Tchibo”, “Tibro Reklamateljé AB”, “empik school”, “Volvo Auto Polska”, and last but not least, “Global Who’s Who”. Thanks for thinking of me, and for giving me the opportunity to make deals, but what all of you also don’t seem to understand is that I don’t have any money.

Yes, I’m flattered just to be considered for the Global Who’s Who.  Sometimes it takes an outside look to remind us who we really are. The mundane everyday life gets to us, and makes us forget that we can do things, and that we can do great things. Yes, I can. I realize it now, as I was reminded of it by the great people of Global Who’s Who. And for that, I want to thank John D’Agostino, the head of the membership division at the Global Who’s Who.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel ready for that yet. But thank you.

I hope this clarifies some of the issues and answers the questions you may have had about me and my silence. I’m always happy to listen to your new ideas, so if you need a sounding board, here I am.

I know you know where to reach me.



PS. “TouchFire”. You told me I’d never use a laptop again. HA! I wrote this on a laptop!
Just kidding! (Not about writing this on a laptop, but otherwise totally joking. Still friends?)

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