Pearl Awards Winner Announcement

So, the news came out today: Link.

Now, when Mr. Pakarinen feels all uncomfortable and awkward about something, who does he call? Me, that’s who. So:

Let it be known to the world that Mr. Pakarinen, your resident writer, has won third prize in the column category of the Pearl Awards, a competition organized by the Custom Content Council, the leading association for the custom publishing industry in the United States.

That’s America, people.

“Me?” said Mr. Pakarinen, as he sipped champagne with the people of Maggie, the company behind the wonderful Profile, Aalto University Executive Education’s magazine.

(Yes, you, dum-dum.)

Mr. Pakarinen is proud and happy, and now dreams of one day working with his new-found nemesis, the man who beat him in the “Best Column” category: Martin Scorsese.

Here’s his message to the winner:

Clap, clap, clap

Thanks for your attention,

PS. Here’s the column.

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