About those resolutions

First of of all, I told the world, I’d work on my physique
“This year, I’ll go to the gym at least four times a week”
But 300 days later I have to concede
That I’m not made for life at the gym, simply because I am weak

all my resolutions

I also vowed to become a man better than before
Told wife and two kids, “this year is about us four”
I wanted to, it was not a deceit
But all they got for Xmas from me was an office tweet

No more burgers, no candy, nothing fried
And please believe me when I say that I most certainly tried
Then one Whopper lead to another, it was slightly bizarre
But I was back to getting my food without ever leaving my car

Certainly I could make the world a better place
I’d make a difference and bring a smile to someone’s face
My target was the homeless guy sitting outside our subway station
Alas, I don’t ride the subway no more, afraid of the confrontation

What if I sorted my garbage, become the recycling devil
And solve the problem with the rising sea level?
I really, really wanted to be the environmental man
But, sorry Mother Nature, our house has just one garbage can

It wasn’t a success but it wasn’t all for naught
I’ll try again, and I’ll give it my best shot
I’ll do better, I promise, my dear
And if not, there’s always next year

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