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People, people. People, people, people. Tsk, tsk. Two years ago, I was given a big budget and a lot of time to come up with the new, improved ristopakarinen.com. So, I spent four months in Italy, eating and drinking well, four months in India, hitchhiking through the country in a very Gandhi kind of way, and four months in Indonesia, eating and drinking well, and just as I touched down at the Arlanda airport on my way home, I came up with The Idea:

I would build one site, Home, for all of Mr. Pakarinen’s writing and blogging, links to his books, his projects, and such, another site, Puckarinen, dedicated for his hockey-related writing, and a third subsite, Risto Twist-o, for his “funny” fake news clippings.

Home would be home, the centerpiece, and the rest would follow naturally from there. I rolled up my sleeves, created three folders, and three RSS feeds, made a cup of coffee, and sent Mr. Pakarinen an email, asking him to test the new concept.

He liked it, a lot. We rolled it out the same day, and have never looked back.

But now, I realize that some of the readers of Home might also like what’s on Puckarinen, but don’t find their way there. And wise verses. And to post everything on both sites would “totally undermine the whole purpose of having the separate sites,” as Mr. Pakarinen told me.

In other words, I’m just here to remind you to check out the links under “Ristart” in the navigation, or click here to see the latest by Puckarinen.

By the way, I wrote a book, “Eat, Sleep, Drink” during my travels, and I hope it will be turned into a major motion picture some day.

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