Stranger than fiction

There she was, sitting at the office in the middle of the day. The boss was in one of his moods again, don’t even get her started on that. She was hiding behind her computer, waiting for him to just go away.

When the boss finally – finally – turned around and locked himself in his office, she lifted her keyboard to see the clipping again. There it was, the short story of the Boston Bruins’ hot new goalie.

She looks out the window. Wouldn’t it be nice…? she thinks.

Then she goes to, and types in the goalie’s name carefully. She checks the name in the paper three times. It’s right. “Tuukka Rask.” Then she glances to her sides to make sure her colleagues can’t see her screen.

And she types in “girlfriend.”


She ends up here and reads about the tall, dark, handsome stranger.

One day, she’ll leave Fidelity Investments and invest in fidelity. Tuukka’s.

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