Before I go

The other day, I sort of decided to write a blog entry every day for the entire … well, for a while, and I just realized it’s time for me to go to bed, and the page is still blank.


So I’m typing this just to type, which reminds me of my summer job at a bank back when Rocky’s brain damage was still undiagnosed, Ben Johnson was the fastest man in the world, and in the Soviet Union, the unmanned Shuttle Buran is launched by an Energia rocket on its maiden orbital spaceflight (the first and last space flight for the shuttle).

Fine, the last one is copied from Wikipedia.

That summer, I sat behind a non-bullet proof glass in a fancy bank building in Joensuu, Finland, and wore a shirt with a collar to work. Back in the day when my red suspenders were still sort of cool – it was also the era of the Wall Street – people would send their bills to the bank’s central payment service where the amounts would then be withdrawn from their accounts. That way, they didn’t have to go to a bank in a fancy building and deal with a pimple faced business school student, and face the risk of the said student making a clerical error.

Our bank let its customers send their bills to their payment service free of postage, provided they used our “green envelopes”.

One day, when the janitor/security guard/chauffeur opened the mailbox, he found inside a regular brown envelope on which the sender had written in neat handwriting: “This is a green envelope.”

And this, my friend, is a blog post.

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